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3DPRIYOL 3D Print Your Life

Z3DFAB was founded in 2016 as a joint venture between Z3DLAB and 3D PRIYOL. Z3DLAB is French additive manufacturing and advanced materials company. 3DPRIYOL is a family company of Korean semi-conductor expert HS HI-TECH. As a digital additive manufacturing center, Z3DFAB will offer clients a full 3D printing service, and will cater to a wide range of clients, including from the medical, automotive, aeronautic, and nuclear industries. The new AM center is aiming to become “a world standard” in additive manufacturing production, as well as in the cleaning and post-processing of industrial 3D printed parts.

The Z3DFAB have a 12 experts in 6 area (design, materials, manufacturing, post-processing, quality control, environment). We will be a leading supplier for metal and polymer AM components by introducing total 8 AM machines running (5 metal and 3 polymer) by the end of 2018. In addition, we will purchase 10 equipment for machining and heat-treatment by the end of 2018. Therefore, we will have all of solutions to satisfy the request of customers 

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3D Machines Metal 3D Printing machines

SLM 280HL (Selective Laser Melting)
As selective laser melting machine, It is enables the manufacture of individual metal components based on CAD data for series production and one-off production with individual parameters.

ARCAM Q20 Plus (Electron Beam Melting)
Based on a high power electron beam that generates the energy need for high melting capacity. As a result, the parts are almost free from residual stresses

LASERTEC 65 3D (Direct Energy Deposition)
This hybrid solution combines the flexibility of laser deposition welding with the precision of conventional milling for the additive manufacturing of finished quality parts with maximum precision.

3D Machines Polymer 3D Printing machines

EOSINT P 800 (Selective Laser Sintering)
This 3D printing technique uses a fiber laser to melt and fuse fine plastic powder. Layer after layer the 3D object is built.

SLA5000 (Stereolithography Apparatus)
The products are manufactured in a layer by layer using photopolymerization. It is used to create master patterns for injection molding and various metal casting processes.

ProMaker L7000D (Digital Light Processing)
This is use of a projector light rather than a laser to cure photo-sensitive polymer resin. Compared to FDM, DLP 3D printing provides higher resolution and smoother surfaces.