Technology introduction.

Introducing next-generation 3D technology.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality Control of Parts Produced Using Addictive Manufacturing

Parts made by additive manufacturing have attached powder and crack that have to be eliminated for industrial demand. This defects that significantly degrade the usage properties of parts
required to control in additive manufacturing process. The challenges faced in additive manufacturing are: the high level of dimensional accuracy required; surface quality; and the construction of complex tools with inner structures like cooling channels. Microscopic examinations of the generated components and their microstructures are required to understand the influence of process guiding and to control the requested quality.

3D non-contact dimension measurement

Non-contact dimension measurement system were developed to replace the tactile metrology model.
These devices measure shapes by projecting laser beams onto test subjects and collection as much point-cloud data as possible.
This system is now attracting the attention of the industry as a product that will expedite the evolution of high-precision 3D measuring technology.

Auto Remote Inspection(3D vision)

Auto remote inspection (ARI) system is a remote machine vision inspection system. It is a new concept inspection system that eliminates the wasted labor costs and mistrust of existing inspection system. ARI system build a database about real-time inspection and historical management of production. Supports purchasing of reliable products through differentiated quality control system.

What is computed tomography?

The X-ray inspection is a method of measuring internal defects without destroying parts using radiation.
By editing the image with software, it is possible to access several information such as the size, morphology, porosity distribution, and crack.

What tomography equipment should be used?

There is no universal tomography:
according to the nature and density of the material, X-ray penetration and the maximum width to be analyzed will differ.
However, when increasing the radiation power, the resolution will be lower.
This implies the implementation of a frame of reference of the part to be analyzed:
according to the specifications, information requested, level of criticality of the part in a specific location,
size, geometric complexity, we determine the optimal tomographic strategy.

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